Available Bengal Kittens

Below are photos of our wonderful kittens.  Each litter has a Disney Theme that we use to give the kittens a temporary name until they go to their forever home and receive their forever names.

Contact Brandi at 817-938-5913 for more information or to reserve a kitten.

Disney Theme:  Aladdin

Born February 11, 2021


Aladdin is a sweet boy with the most stunning contrasting coat with big, beautiful rosettes.  He loves to cuddle in our laps and sleeps next to my shoulder every night.  He is naturally trusting - you can count on him to be by your side and frequently rolls over for belly rubs.  He loves a lot of affection and will make a wonderful companion for someone who has a lot of love to give.



Abu Bengal

Abu is a big boy with a beautiful face and big, gorgeous eyes.  He loves to play and can entertain himself with just about anything.  He has a big personality and loves to play with our dog.  He will be loads of fun for someone looking for hours of entertainment that can’t always be around (he will still need a companion home – another cat or dog)



Jasmine Bengal

Jasmine is naturally very curious.  She is always the first to venture out and try new things.  She is also fearless.  She took to our dog with ease and loves adventuring and exploring new things.  She’ll be a wonderful friend for someone who is looking for that adventurous personality and would probably be easy to water and leash train.


Bengal Kittens for Sale

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