Bengal Personality and Coats


Bengals are among the most exotic and coolest domesticated cats out there. Each Bengal will have their own unique personality but in general….


Bengals are:  Very active, intelligent, curious cats. Don’t be too surprised to see a Bengal leap from the floor to a shelf hanging on the wall or your mantel, they love to jump and watch the world from the highest places they can get to. They are famous for their “dog-like” behavior.  Bengals are loyal “family” pets as opposed to more traditional single-person cats.  Bengals will fetch, play in the water and learn tricks. Kids and dogs love to play with them.  They are typically very sociable and love to help you with whatever you are doing. They also tend to be very vocal.  They will call for you when they can’t find you and “talk” to you if they need something like to be fed, have their litter box changed, or want to show you something – they’ll even lead you to it!

Bengals are NOT:  Typically not lap cats and do not like being held in a restraining manner. They are usually not couch potatoes either, and will entertain themselves however they can!  They typically do not do well if they are left alone for long periods of time, so if no one is home during the day, it’s good for them to have another Bengal or a dog to help keep them entertained; otherwise, you might see a lot more of the mischievous side of their personalities

Bengals are considered a healthy breed with few genetic issues related to most pure breeds. Bengals are the size of a medium-large household cat. Their lifespan, diet, and other needs are basically the same as any other domestic cat.


Bengal Coat

One of the first things most people notice about Bengal cats is their beautiful fur that imitates their ancestors – the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC).  The spots can be seen everywhere on his body, from their head to the tip of their tail, and even on their belly – an unusual trait for most domestic cats.

Bengals are usually born with solid spots. As their patterns emerge their spots may “Rosette” and the center becomes lighter. Giving them an even more exotic appearance. Starting at the age of 4 -6 weeks, the Bengal kitten goes through a camouflage period called the “fuzzies” which may distort their true color and pattern.  This is a direct heritage of the Asian leopard, which is used to hide young leopards from their predators. This period may last for 3 to 5 months.  After they lose their fuzzies their gorgeous pelt is revealed!  And sometimes Bengals will have a shine to their coat like gold dust, called “glitter”.


When petting a Bengal cat, most people are surprised to see just how soft and silky their fur is.  Bengals are not technically hypoallergenic, but their short pelts – similar to their ALC ancestors – experience very minimal shedding which means that most people allergic to cats will not be affected by them.  We highly suggest that anyone with allergies test themselves out with an adult Bengal cat, preferably the parents of the Bengal kitten they intend to adopt.

A&B Bengals breed sonly the finest in coat quality.  Our kittens are breed from Brown and Snow Spotted Bengals with tri-colored coats featuring large rosettes and “glitter”.

More Coat Details

Bengal cats come in a variety of patterns.  All Bengals are either spotted or marbled.  Spotted Bengals are further divided into regular spots or the more popular “rosettes”.  Rosettes are then further divided by their shape: paw print, arrowhead, doughnuts, or clouded.  There is also what’s called “chain-resetting” which describes when several doughnut rosettes are linked together in a chain.  Chain-rosetting can also be seen on wildcats like Ocelots.  And there are “cluster rosettes”, which are when spots form themselves into a ring around a center color.


Bengals also come in a variety of colors.  TICA standard Bengal colors include brown, snow, and silver.  Non-recognized colors include charcoal, blue and melanistic (solid black) varieties of all colors. 


Glitter is your golden ticket – literally.  Bengals are the first domestic cat to have glitter, but not all Bengals have it.  If your Bengal has glitter, even in low lighting you should be able to see the sheen of the gold glitter of a Brown Bengal or silver glitter of a Snow Bengal.

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