Our Breeding Queen and Stud

We are proud to introduce our gorgeous Bengal cats. They all have been carefully selected to be part of our breeding program to create adorable and spectacular kittens. Discover our stunning Bengal cats.

Our Queen

Lightning Bengal

Sweet Lightning

Lightning is an exceptional female!  She is so sleek and stunning that people never get enough of watching her. She has a beautiful head, short rounded ears, and an extremely silky coat, but it is her strikingly large, tri-colored rosettes on her GLITTERED coat and stunning color that really attracts attention!  She’s a great mom who is devoted to her kittens.

Our King

Hail Bengal

Handsome Hail

It was love at first sight when we met Hail. This Bengal cat is simply amazing!  He’s one of the most beautiful Bengals we’ve ever seen, in addition to being the most affectionate. This Seal Lynx beauty has a gorgeous, soft, GLITTERED coat and beautiful large rosettes that look as if they had been hand-drawn by an artist. He has no rib bars, big beautiful blue eyes, and is a big lover.

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